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5 Fall Plants for HVAC Landscaping


Fall has arrived, and it has brought pumpkin spice, changing leaves, and cooler temperatures with it. As you start decorating your home with autumn leaves and harvest gourds, consider giving the HVAC unit (also referred to as the condenser) in your back yard a fall facelift too.

One of the easiest ways to prevent this big metal cube from becoming an eyesore is with creative landscaping. In our California climate, it might seem difficult to cultivate fall foliage in your yard. But if you select hard plants in bright autumn colors, you’ll have your landscape blooming for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Here are 5 fall plants for HVAC landscaping from our team of technicians at On Time Home Services.

1. Garden Mums

Garden Mums are a staple for fall gardens because they are hardy enough to withstand a wide range of weather conditions. They bloom best when exposed to continuous direct sunlight, which makes them perfect Cali residents. They can be found in a variety of fall colors, including red, yellow, orange, purple, lavender, and bronze. You could pot them and arrange them around the perimeter of your HVAC unit, or you could plant them in flower beds side-by-side. Remember to leave two to three feet of clearance between your HVAC and any of your fun fall plants.

2. Pansies

Pansies grow beautifully in California, and the best time to plant them is during the cooler months. These perennials are perfect for window boxes or flower pots. They bloom in eye-catching jewel tones like red, pink, yellow, apricot, blue, purple, and white. Just like garden mums, they thrive in the sunlight.

3. Purple Sage

Purple sage is also known as “salvia.” It is native to Southern California, so it is perfectly equipped to handle the climate here. It requires almost no maintenance, so it is an ideal landscaping solution for gardening beginners. This evergreen shrub grows into a three to six-foot spread, so keep that in mind when you plant it near your HVAC unit.

4. Giant Wild Rye

Giant wild rye is another native Californian shrub that makes a great addition to your flower bed. It’s an evergreen plant with a distinctive silvery-blue hue that would contrast beautifully with the brassy orange and red tones in fall flowers. It is drought tolerant and low-maintenance, just like purple sage.

5. Ginkgo Tree

If you think it is impossible to add fall-friendly trees to your California yard, think again! Ginkgo trees turn a vivid golden color in late fall just before shedding all of their leaves simultaneously for winter. Be careful to leave enough room for roots and branches to spread when planting trees near your HVAC unit. Having a tree nearby can actually drastically improve the efficiency of your unit because it provides shade. The coolness from the shade helps heat coming from your HVAC unit to dissipate more quickly, which makes it easier for your unit to cool the inside of your home.

Are you adding fall plants for HVAC landscaping in your yard?

We love to hear from our customers, and we invite you to share photos of your beautiful HVAC landscaping solutions or fall plants with us on Facebook! If you still need to schedule fall maintenance for your HVAC unit, give us a call today.

Are you looking for professional HVAC maintenance, repair, or replacement near Murrieta, California? On Time Home Services has a team of NATE-certified and experienced HVAC technicians who are here to help! Give us a call at (949) 649-8777.

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