DIY air duct cleaning with a vacuum cleaner hose

DIY Air Duct Cleaning

When you stop to think about how much dust and grime can build up over time on the surfaces we can see, it’s easy to imagine what the inside of the vents and air ducts in your HVAC system must look like after a while.

Can I Clean My Own Ductwork?

Yes, you can clean your own Ductwork. At On Time Home Services, we recommend scheduling regular air duct cleaning services from a professional HVAC technician to keep your system in the best possible shape. But in between professional maintenance you can clean them yourself.

How Often Does Ductwork Need to Be Cleaned?

We recommend annual professional maintenance supplemented by periodic DIY cleaning. Here are some tips for how to clean your air ducts yourself in between professional services.

What Tools Do I Need to Clean My Air Ducts?

In order to effectively clean all of the components in your air ducts, you will need a few specific tools.

  • Vacuum – Make sure it has a hose and nozzle attachment to reach further inside your ducts.
  • Brush – A toilet brush or large paintbrush will work.
  • Screwdriver – You will need this to remove the vents covering your ductwork.
  • Paper Towels – You will use these to wipe down escaping dust and cover other supply registers while you clean.
  • Air Filter – After you are finished, it’s a great idea to go ahead and replace your air filter with a new one.

How to Clean Your Air Ducts

Cleaning your AC ducts yourself isn't too difficult when you follow these steps:

  1. Remove vent covers and wash them. Remove your vent covers with your screwdriver. You can place them in the dishwasher to clean them, or simply rinse them off by hand. Set them aside to dry.
  2. Cover vent openings with paper towels. Cover the openings to your supply registers with a few paper towels. This prevents dust from blowing out of them and landing on you walls and floor while you are cleaning ducts in other parts of the HVAC system. You will remove the covers to do your cleaning, but it’s a good idea to replace them after you are finished each time.
  3. Loosen the dust. Use the handle of your brush to tap around the sides of the ductwork and knock the dust attached to the walls loose.
  4. Vacuum it up. Use the nozzle and brush attachments on your vacuum hose to suck away all of the dirt within your reach. If there is still dust left stuck to the walls afterward, use paper towels and wipe them down. Repeat for every opening to your ductwork.
  5. Change your air filter. Now that you have successfully removed some of the dust from your ducts, keep your indoor air even cleaner by replacing your air filter with a new one.
  6. Replace vent covers. After you have washed all of your vent covers, make sure to replace them.

If you repeat this process in the months between scheduled air duct cleaning services, you can improve the cleanliness of your home and your indoor air quality.

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Even if you are cleaning your air ducts yourself, it's still recommended that you hire an AC technician to professionally clean the ducts in your home at least once a year. With over 15 years of industry experience, On Time Home Service knows the right way to ensure that your AC unit provides cold, clean air for every room in your home.

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