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Safety First: Be Sure to Check Your Furnace’s Surroundings


Your furnace burns fuel in order to create heat. If you’ve been piling items close to your furnace throughout the year, now’s the time to check your furnace’s surroundings. At On Time Home Services, we offer affordable heating repair in Moreno Valley, CA, in case your furnace has a problem.

Move Combustible Materials

Furnaces get hot, even on the outside of the combustion chamber. Do not keep any combustible materials in the same area as the furnace. Some examples of combustible materials include oil, grease, paint thinners, fuels of any kind, paper, cardboard, fabric, wood, and plastic. A furnace malfunction could ignite them. If you suspect a furnace malfunction, call for heating maintenance in Moreno Valley, CA.

Look for Signs of Infestation

When you’re not using your furnace, it makes an appealing home for vermin. Bugs, mold, rodents, and other pests may have gotten into your heating system during the warmer months of the year. Some signs of an infestation in and near your furnace include nesting materials, frass, droppings and shredded paper or fabric. A bad infestation might necessitate a new heating installation.

Provide Enough Airflow

Your furnace needs a steady flow of air in order to burn fuel and generate heat. Be sure to check the area around your furnace and the ducts and vents for proper airflow. Any closed vents should be opened. Furniture, boxes, and other items should be moved away from registers. Check the outside part of the flue to make sure that it’s not blocked by animal nests, vegetation or other materials. Have our team assess the air filter so we can replace it if it’s dirty.

At On Time Home Services, we’re the trusted provider of heating services in Moreno Valley, CA. Call us today to learn more about why it’s important to check your furnace’s surroundings. You may also fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with our team.

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