• He Takes Pride in His Work
    Without a doubt, great company to do business with. The owner and his staff are attentive, informative, and above it CARE!!!!  Shout out to Gus!!!! He takes pride in his work and has educated me on the equipment I have purchased to improve the air quality in my home.

    - Melissa C.

  • Happy and Satisfied
    I had my air conditioner units replaced with On Time Services back in 2019 March.
    My air conditioner has some issues after the installation.
    Bernie came out a couple of times to fix the problem and wasn't able to target the issue even though he tried so many times. We eventually ended up fixing the long-lasting issue finally and I am so grateful they tried their best to make us happy and satisfied and not give up on us. Thank you!!  And the price is very reasonable. Definitely recommend!!

    - Suzy P.

  • I Could Not Be Happier With the Service
    On a Saturday, during a heatwave, Gus arrives an hour and a half early!  I don't even have dreams this good. The best news was that there were no real problems with my unit (rolling blackout was the villain). I could not be happier with the service. On Time will be my pick from here on out.

    - Andrew B.

  • They Fix It Right Away
    Had many problems with my A/C. It wouldn't keep cool. They came out the very next day to diagnose and tell us the problem. They fix it right away before the heat came. Thank you and they come in for maintenance every 3 months for the air filter and check on our unit to see if it runs smoothly.

    - Jenny J.

  • Very High-Quality Business
    This HVAC company is a very high-quality business both in knowledgeable people and their fabulous customer service. The Owner, Mike is a very friendly, professional and knowledgeable owner who stands behind his work as well as employees making a wonderful working experience for us as customers. I have had the pleasure of utilizing their services on my old HVAC/Heating equipment and then made the very wise decision to purchase a new HVAC/Heating system from Mike in 2016. Alex Wood is a fabulous technical rep who knows the maintenance of systems and communicates thoroughly when on an appointment and will go the extra mile to make the experience genuine and very efficient. Ann, Gus, JT, John and Cindy are people in this company that I have had the pleasure to work with on an ongoing basis and their knowledge and customer service set the standards that all companies, unfortunately, fail to reach. So if you are looking for a quality company that is efficient and has excellent customer service oriented folks, give "On Time Home Services" a try as you will be very glad you did. Thank you to all for your excellence and your friendly amazing efficient business experiences.

    - LN

  • Professional and Quickly Diagnosed My Issue.
    Alex from On Time Home Services did a great job, he was punctual, personable and most important professional and quickly diagnosed my issue.
    I'll for sure call them again for any future HVAC issues.

    - Michel T.

  • Ricky Was a Complete Pro
    I called them at 9:00 AM and by 11:00 AM Ricky was in our home taking care of our AC that had stopped working. Ricky was a complete pro, he let us know what he was doing as he was doing it. Not only did he fix the problem but he checked all the filters, cleaned everything up and then offered options on what we can do to fix it. I would recommend them and Ricky to anyone. Thank you for saving us in this heat!!

    - Carri W.

  • The Whole Experience Was Better Than Expected!
    Alex Wood came out to service my AC and Heating unit. What a great help, nothing but the best professional attitude and helpful informative service! I really appreciated him k taking the time to explain what the issue is/was and how to best fix it. He performed the duties quickly and the whole experience was better than expected!
    All in all a very happy customer!
    Thank you, Alex!

    - Dante G.

  • Excellent Friendly Service.
    Had a problem with the heater working intermittently. Called OnTime and they arrived the next day morning at my house. They did a thorough inspection, identifying some possible issues. The heater is now working properly. Excellent friendly service. Thanks!

    - Jose A.

  • Well Worth the Cost.
    This was my mother's decision to do business with you. She is quite satisfied. More than anything else what she wanted from OTHS is peace of mind. The men who have come out 2 or 3 times so far have certainly provided that. So well worth the cost.

    - Mitch M.

  • Best I've Ever Experience.
    Response time was really, Gus showed up to my shop within the hour, Gus helped us with our issues and his customer service by far is the best I've ever experience. Gus was very professional and polite, he explained everything to us, I definitely recommend you hire them.

    - Rene C.

  • Could Not Have Asked for a Better Technician
    Ricky was on time and just wonderful. He explained everything to me with photos and made sure I understood what the problems were before proceeding. I could not have asked for a better technician.
    I was so pleased they were able to come the day I called as my home warranty people had me on a six-day wait with 101° heat and I was not able to use the air conditioner as my roof would’ve fallen in due to secondary damage from the leakage.
    I told my home warranty people they should put On Time on their list of providers to use as they are apparently better than the ones they have. They are definitely the ones I will call for all of my air-conditioning needs.

    - Tammy A.

  • Courteous, Responsive and Reliable
    Great job by folks at On Time. Courteous, responsive and reliable. Had to get some emergency work done recently. In an industry (and time of year) where homeowners can't help feeling taken advantage of, these guys were superstars. Mike, Gus and the team were awesome: transparent and efficient. Highly recommended and would use again if needed.

    - Basit S.

  • So Satisfied With Everything
    Everyone at On Time is just fantastic! Alex was my rep, he is the type of employee that everyone hopes to hire. Just a very nice guy, you will feel so satisfied with everything that On Time does. So nice doing business with On Time!

    - Cathleen O.

  • Job Done Correctly.
    Timing for me was an issue because I work a lot and they were able to work with me so that I could stick to my schedule. The company made sure to be in and out with the job done correctly.

    - Vincent G.

  • Passionate and Committed Technicians
    Gus Robles and his team were a pleasure to work with. I have never seen service technicians diagram and photograph everything they did like Gus. This made me very confident in the work they were doing and relieved to know that my business's air conditioning units were working great again. I highly recommend On Time Home Services if you are looking for passionate and committed technicians who will take great care of you. Great work!

    - Dave S.

  • Most Cordial and Completely Thorough
    Ricky was so helpful and cordial in explaining everything about the A/C system and the repairs he did. It is quite comforting knowing we have them to turn to if we have any problems with our a/c.

    He informed us about the Air Scrubber and we had it installed on the spot! He was most cordial and completely thorough in explaining the entire system. I will continue to recommend On-Time to my friends, and especially Ricky!!! Thanks for the comfort of knowing you are there when we need you!!

    - Candace H.

  • They Are Dependable, Friendly, Polite and a Pleasure to Work With.
    I had a five-star experience when dealing with On Time Home Services.
    My AC went out in June 2019. It needed repairs and had required service several times in the past few years. I had always used On Time for servicing. On this day, after their evaluation, I inquired about getting a new unit. Alex called the office and spoke with Mike who sent Gus over to discuss. I ended up purchasing a very high-quality unit with Lifetime warranties.
    I love my AC unit. It is quiet, efficient and my electric bill was lowered considerably.
    Recently I needed some help to get the heat running for the first time. I called the office and spoke with Cindy. She sent Gus who arrive about 1-2 hours later. I thought that was fantastic. Gus got the heat running and explained everything to me so I could understand what had happened.

    The team from On Time Home Services has been fantastic! I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with their heating and/or air conditioning. They are dependable, friendly, polite and a pleasure to work with.
    Thanks team: Janet, Cindy, Alex, Gus and Mike. You're the best!

    - Nancy K.

  • Efficient and Highly Professional
    Bernie and Kevin were thoroughly efficient and highly professional. They completed our installation in a timely manner and even cleaned up before they left.

    - Walter H.

  • Has Always Done a Great Job
    Gus has taken care of us for a couple of years and has always done a great job. I particularly appreciate how well he explains what he's doing and I trust the advice he provides regarding additional maintenance or repair.

    - Donald L.

  • We Feel Assured
    Initial rating before the job schedule on Tuesday. Request quotes on a holiday weekend and Ricky was able to come out that day with a service fee but if we do decide to use them the fee would be waived. Ricky was amazing. I thought it was a clog in the condensation duct since the water was dripping and pulling in the heater below but it turns out the clog was from the pan area since he ruled it out by pouring a gallon of water down the main drain and about the same amount came out. Our son has eczema and all their portable units are being used in other jobs. He took a few hours, open the condensation area and clean the rust from the area from the coils and clear some of the drain (clogged from the rust) so that we can have some ac over the hot long holiday weekend.

    Ricky is really the main reason we chose to get a whole new system. He is so caring and took effort, and so we feel assured when Gus came and offer pricing on various maintenance plans and warranties.  Ricky took time to explain the Freon being used is being phased out by EPA and our HVAC is the original 27 years old. The new system should also have the auto shut off in case of backflow.  I Will update after the install.

    - Gen T.

  • Amazing Experience.
    Amazing experience. Between the excellent customer service, extremely fast response time, and competitive prices, I will definitely be using them again! Highly recommend.

    - Lori B.

  • Showed up on Time, Performed Their Diagnostic Work Efficiently
    On Time Home Services was hired to trace an existing radiant floor system and to determine whether the original installation was performed in compliance with all codes and regulations. On Time showed up on time, performed their diagnostic work efficiently and with little disruption. They were knowledgeable about how the system was designed and functioned and had the equipment required to thoroughly test the operation of the system. They were easy to work with.

    - Pete P.

  • It Has Been a Very Good Investment.
    Customer loyalty to a business is of ultimate importance when choosing a specific service provider for yourself.  Reviews such as mine are how you, as a Yelp user, can separate the fly by night from the dependable.  On Time Home Services has been one such dependable business for us.  

    We found them several years ago, and have been so satisfied, we have continued to keep them as our heating and cooling experts.  They resolved a serious problem with our central air conditioning unit that had plagued us with problems for many years.  No other business had the expertise to see what the real problem was.  Our downstairs unit would literally ice up and shut down like clockwork each summer during peak performance times.  A Mickey Mouse solution would allow us to limp through a heatwave.  But then the following summer, it would break down again.  Each time I'd try another highly rated repair service.  We spent tons of money on repairs and new units.  

    When On Time Home Services first came out, that was when we were told the problems were with the initial installation of ducting, vents, and intake, plus an air conditioning unit whose capacity was way too large for our house.  Bigger is not always better.  Their solution involved installing a secondary intake vent and ducting to a challenging part of the house and installing a new air conditioning unit that was the proper size.  What a difference that made.  We have been incredibly happy and relieved over the end results and the house has never been so comfortable.

    The other service we have been very pleased with is their Protection Plan for preventive maintenance.  This optional maintenance plan provides service for both our heating and air conditioning units.  This may seem expensive on its face, but the truth is that living in a desert influenced climate such as ours means our units are heavily taxed and need regular maintenance to perform at their peak.  The very thorough maintenance is performed twice yearly for each unit.  They call to schedule right before the peak season for each, so we do not have the onus of having to remember ourselves.  It has been a very good investment.

    One of the best parts has been the technicians who are assigned to come to our house.  The first few years, they made sure it was Tyler each and every time.  We loved his work, but then Tyler decided to move on and left the company.  So this year, we were introduced to Gus who has been with this company for many years and is mentioned highly in many Yelp reviews.  These men know the importance of good customer service and will bend over backward to do the best job possible.    We look forward to a long and happy relationship with Gus in the future.  I applaud Home Time for hiring such loyal, highly-skilled, professional employees.  

    The very next day, the office staff does a follow-up call to make sure everything has been done and that we are satisfied.  And yes, the name, On Time..., is exactly what they have been, always dependable, arriving on time for their appointments.  They always look clean, are meticulous at cleaning up after they complete their tasks, and make sure we are well informed before they leave.

    Loyal is the word.

    - Wendy B.

  • Showed up on Time and Was Very Informative
    I would highly recommend On Time Home Services. Scheduling was easy, the technician showed up on time and was very informative. He walked me through everything he was doing and answered all of my questions and concerns.

    - Danielle S.