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HVAC Safety for Halloween Decorations


As you deck the halls with pumpkins and ghouls this year, your HVAC system is probably the furthest thing from your mind. But certain Halloween decorations can impede the efficiency of your system depending on where and how you place them.

Don’t let your cobwebs and candles compromise your home comfort and ruin your holiday. Here is our guide to HVAC safety for Halloween decorations from On Time Home Services.

Blocking Vents

One of the most important rules for HVAC efficiency year-round is to make sure you do not block any vents around your home. When your system cannot draw in or eject the airflow it needs to operate, its performance will suffer. Leave all vents and registers uncovered by furniture or holiday decorations all year long to ensure maximum efficiency for your HVAC.

Fake Webs

Fake webs are cheap, easy to use, and effective at giving off spooky vibes. But did you know those store-bought cobwebs shed fibers that can clog your air filter? Using fake webs won’t damage your HVAC system, but you should make sure to check on your filter after the month of October. If it seems more clogged than usual, replace it with a new one.

Letting particles and fibers build up inside your filter keeps your HVAC from heating or cooling your air as efficiently. It can also stop your filter from doing its job properly and cause extra dust and pollen to build up in your house and bother your allergies. We normally recommend changing your filter once every 90 days, but after using fake webs inside or outside the house it is a good idea to go ahead and change it early.


Everybody loves the smell of Autumn leaves or pumpkin spice and the jolly face of a lit jack-o-lantern. But before you start using your lighter, think carefully about where your candles will be placed. Keep open flames of any kind away from your furnace’s indoor unit. Keep candles away from air vents to prevent soot from building up in your ducts or spreading around your house and settling on furniture. If you only plan on using candles for light and not smell, consider alternatives like LED tea lights. They even flicker just like real candles, giving your carefully carved pumpkins the authentic look you want.

Outdoor Décor

Outdoor decorations and HVAC units don’t mix well. Covering your unit with any decorations can mess with your airflow, just like your vents indoors. Always give your unit four to six feet of clearance to work properly. Do not attach decorations to your unit or hang them directly above your unit. If small items get sucked inside your air ducts, it can affect your HVAC efficiency.

When you put up your Halloween decorations this year, don’t forget about HVAC safety!

Remember these rules as you hang up your decorations, and you can experience all treats and no tricks from your HVAC system. Do you have some really creative Halloween decorations this year? Feel free to share your photos with us on Facebook.

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