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Heat Pump Installation: A Smarter Way to Heat Your Home


If you are looking for a smart way to warm or cool your home, let our qualified HVAC technicians here at On Time Home Services Temecula perform a new heat pump installation. For around one-quarter of the cost of operating a traditional heating appliance, you can run a heat pump and possibly even save money on the cost of heater maintenance.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Unlike traditional methods of heating and cooling your space, air-to-air heat pumps move heat rather than create it. During the warmer months, the heat pump pulls hot air from your home and pumps it outside. In the colder months, however, heat from outside is transferred inside. While it may not seem like frigid temperatures can help warm a house, there is enough heat produced during a 32º Fahrenheit day to make your home toasty.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

Consider the following benefits of using a heat pump to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home:

  • Cleaner Air –A heat pump can improve indoor air quality given that the air is constantly filtering through the system. Before the air is even routed through to air supply ducts and carried to the rooms, many microscopic and airborne pollutants are removed.
  • Year-Round Use – A central heat pump can be reversed and used even during cooler seasons if the climate is moderate.
  • Quiet Operation – The heat pump’s compressor is typically placed outside the home so that it is much less noticeable when it runs compared to the noise generally produced by a free-standing AC unit.

At On Time Home Services Temecula, we are available to help with everything from furnace repair to the installation of heat pumps. Contact us at (949) 649-8777 to assist you with all your heat and AC service needs.

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