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A Heat Pump Installation Keeps You Warm and Saves Money


When the cold temperatures of winter come to California, you want nothing more than to keep your home warm. If your heating system is not working properly, you need the help of a Temecula furnace repair specialist. We at On Time Home Services Temecula specialize in a variety of furnace installation and repair services, including heat pump installation.

Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps Are a Growing Trend in Europe

Recent reports show that the European domestic hot water heat pump market is expected to double by 2017. Many consumers are switching from direct electric water heaters to heat pumps because of rising electricity prices, lower heat pump product costs, and tighter building regulations. The existing method of heating one’s living space with oil boilers has been found to significantly decrease overall system efficiencies. Oil boilers alone also lead to higher energy bills because they cannot be effectively switched off in the summer. European consumers are finding that they can stay warmer in colder temperatures and save money by using a heat pump system. You too can save on heating costs by having On Time Home Services Temecula take care of all of your heat pump installation needs.

Heat Your Home with a Heat Pump

This winter, do not sacrifice your family’s warmth or your hard earned money by sticking with an outdated heating system. Contact On Time Home Services Temecula today for all of your heating needs. To schedule a heating pump installation, call 951-289-7200.

Source:, “Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps: A Growth Engine for the European Heat Pump Market – and Showing no Signs of Stopping,” PRNewswire, September 27, 2013.

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