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Which Type of Heat Pump Installation Is Best for Your Home?


A heat pump can offer significant advantages over traditional HVAC systems. They can be extremely energy efficient, and properly maintained, a unit can last as long as 25 years. But how do you know what kind of unit is best for your house? Our specialists at On Time Home Services Temecula can help you decide which heat pump installation fits your home and your budget.

Air-to-Air Unit

An air-to-air heat pump uses electricity to draw in air from outside your home, heats or cools it and sends it inside. It will also take warm or cool air out of your home and send it outside, depending on what your desired in-home temperature is. There is a popular choice for a heat pump installation, especially for people who live in a warm climate.

Absorption Heat Pumps

These units utilize a heat source, like natural gas, to drive the pumps. If you choose one of these for your heat pump installation, you may rely on propane or solar-heated water to create the energy it needs to run.

Ground-Source Heat Pumps

As the name suggests, these pumps will gather heat from the ground and send it into your home. Ground-source units can boost your energy efficiency and reduce your costs. Your Temecula heater company can advise you on if this type of pump will work in your area.

As each device draws its power from different sources, it will be important for a homeowner to carefully evaluate which unit will work best for their home and their budget. Our staff at On Time Home Services Temecula can give you advice as to how our heat pump installation can lower your energy bills, and we can give you pointers for proper device maintenance so your pump lasts you for years to come. Contact us at (949) 649-8777

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