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Getting the Most Out of Heat Pump Installation


Heat pumps are essential components for regulating temperature in homes and businesses. Although their name suggests that they are used only for heating purposes, air conditioners and refrigeration units also make use of heat pumps. On Time Home Services Temecula is your place for efficient, quality heat pump installation and any other Temecula HVAC service you may need.

The Latest in Heat Pump Technology

Most heat pumps use air to regulate temperature. Surrounding air is pulled into the heat pump and passes over hot or cold coils before being ejected into the area where temperature needs to be regulated. Because air is a very poor insulator, this is not the most energy-efficient method of heating or cooling.

Geothermal heat pumps, on the other hand, use energy that occurs naturally in the soil to regulate temperature. Hot or cold air is pumped directly into the ground, which is a much better insulator than the air, making geothermal heat pumps more efficient. In addition, while geothermal heat pumps do require an external energy source to switch them on or off, they can draw a significant amount of power from geothermal energy, making them much easier on your energy bill.

Geothermal heat pump installation is slightly more time consuming and expensive than installing an external heat pump, but many users find that the reduction in their annual energy bill more than pays for the investment over time.

Your New Heat Pump

Don’t delay. Begin the heat pump installation process in your home with On Time Home Services Temecula today by calling 951-289-7200.

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