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What Makes Up My Air Handler


Air-Conditioners-RowIf your home or business has an air handler, you are enjoying the benefits that come from owning a rather high-tech unit that can do all of the work separate air conditioning and heating systems usually do. A room can be made at virtually any temperature desired with this single machine. While your air handling unit is built to be efficient, now and then it may need service. Your local air conditioner installation experts at On Time Home Services Heating & Air Conditioning of Temecula are the ones to call when you want professional air handler maintenance or repair.

High-Quality Indoor Air

Among the benefits of owning an air handler is improved indoor air quality. The filtration system your air handling unit employs may be able to help remove as many as 99 percent of environmental particulates such as mold spores, dust mites, bacteria, animal dander, lint and fabric fibers from the air your family breathes daily. Since families today spend so much of their time indoors, good indoor air quality has become increasingly important.

If your air handler is like most, it conditions air through a three-step process:

  1. Large particles in circulating air are trapped by the filtration system.
  2. Air continues to flow over corona fields where an electrical charge removes smaller particles.
  3. The air passes through fine filters where almost all of any remaining particulates are trapped.

Efficient Air Temperature Control

Along with cleaning your indoor air, your air handler also cools and heats it. The heating unit usually has four parts and each has a specific function:

  1. Burners distribute and burn fuel, creating heat in the heat exchanger.
  2. Heat exchangers warm air as it blows across them.
  3. A blower distributes the warmed air around the space through air ducts.
  4. An exhaust flue allows the by-products created by the burning fuel to escape the space.

Most air handler cooling systems are split systems. The system’s condenser coil and compressor, which pumps refrigerant, are situated outdoors. When warm indoor air blows across the evaporator coil inside your home, the energy transfer to the refrigerant inside the coil cools the air that is subsequently distributed to your space.

Additional Components

Along with the components described above, you may find that your air handler has some additional parts:

  1. A humidifier keeps your indoor air comfortably moist.
  2. Vibration isolators are usually found in the ductwork on either side of the air handler and also by the fan to keep disturbance from the vibrations emitted by the equipment to a minimum.
  3. Controls regulate the various functions of the air handler.
  4. A mixing chamber controls the ratio among return, exhaust and fresh, outdoor air for optimal indoor air quality.

Your unit is designed to provide you with years of clean, comfortable indoor air, but our Temecula air conditioner company technicians are prepared to handle any air handler repair needs swiftly and professionally. For air handler service, air conditioner repair and all of your heating and cooling system maintenance needs, give us a call at (949) 649-8777 today.

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