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How Your Windows Can Save You Cooling Costs


With summer in full force, your air conditioner has become one of your favorite pieces of machinery around your home. While modern AC units can work under a lot of stress, it is best for your pocketbook and the health of your air conditioner that you try to keep the air inside of your home and around your home as cool as possible. One way to do this is to invest in windows that will reduce how much of the cool air in your home will escape. Here at On Time Home Services Heating & Air Conditioning of Temecula, we do more than just offer air conditioner installation and maintenance services. We believe in teaching our clients how to keep their cooling costs and AC maintenance costs low. Here are just some of the ways investing in high-grade dual pane windows will save you in the long term.

What Makes a Dual Pane Window More Energy Efficient?

Did you know that energy that is lost through the windows of your home accounts for about 25 percent of the annual cooling and heating costs for the average home in Temecula? With a standard single-paned window, the warm air coming from outside of your home will lead to thermal transference into your property, which leads to a hotbox.

In order to combat the heat that accumulates throughout the day, you must run your AC. This means that you rely on your AC more, and the air you are paying to cool down is being lost. By investing in a window that is double glazed, the air cannot easily pass through. This means that you can save money on air conditioning costs, while you contributing to saving the environment.

Choosing the Best Dual-Paned Windows

You might be tempted to buy discounted windows to save some money on your investment. While this is tempting, research brands before you buy. Quality matters quite a bit when you are buying energy-efficient windows. Some manufacturers are guilty of designing windows with poorly spaced glass and failed seals. Do your homework, and put quality first.

Once you have your new energy-efficient windows installed, the next step to saving on cooling costs is having your unit serviced by an experienced Temecula air conditioner company. We offer preventative maintenance services that will keep cooling costs down. Call us today at (949) 649-8777 , and schedule your AC service so that you can lower your AC bills even further.

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