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Mindblowing Facts About A/C Energy Usage in America


As the rising costs of energy continue each year, homeowners search for effective ways to lower their air conditioner energy usage and costs. If you have ever talked to your neighbors about utility costs, you may have an idea of how your home energy usage compares to your neighbor’s. Have you ever wondered about the overall energy waste and consumption in America or how our country compares to other countries?

How Do We Track Energy Usage?

Energy usage in the United States is tracked by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Energy. They collect and analyze energy information throughout the country annually, then publish the data for the public. Their programs include published data on the use of electric, natural gas, coal, petroleum, renewable and nuclear energy in the U.S.


From 1885 to 1945, coal was the primary source of energy for most U.S. households. By 1950, coal was passed by natural gas, a cleaner-burning fuel, and petroleum used for both energy and fuel for the automobile. Today, two-thirds of America’s oil is used for transportation fuel to power the millions of automobiles on our streets and highways.

Today, America ranks seventh in its overall energy consumption. Canada ranks as number one, followed by smaller countries like Iceland, Luxembourg and Bahrain. China is also a leader in energy waste and consumption. Over the last fifty years, America’s energy consumption has increased faster than its energy production so we have been forced to rely on imported oil and fuel from other countries.

Energy usage varies across the country due to climate. Pacific states such as Washington, Oregon and California with mild summers and winters use about 35 percent less energy than other areas of the country. The warm climate reduces the need for heating and air conditioning throughout the year. South Central and Southern states are high in air conditioner energy usage due to hot humid weather. States in the North and Northeast use a lot of heating energy for cold winters.

Energy Savings

There is no way to totally escape energy costs, but there are ways to conserve energy and reduce costs for your home. New energy-efficient air conditioners and furnaces are designed to conserve energy, save money, and protect the environment from harmful gases and pollution. By simply upgrading your equipment with a Temecula air conditioner company, you can benefit from these energy-efficient features.

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