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When to Call Us for AC Repair


There are many different reasons to call for air conditioning repair in Irvine, CA. Air conditioning is what’s going to help you stay cool and comfortable during the hot months. When it breaks down, it can bring your entire home to a standstill. 

When you are unsure as to whether or not you need to call OnTime Home Services for our air conditioning services in Irvine, CA, here are some reasons that you should.

There’s a leak.

One of the main reasons that you need to reach out for air conditioning assistance is if your air conditioner is leaking water. A leak is a clear sign that something is wrong with the air conditioner, but you’re going to need to get help as soon as possible since a leak can cause major damage to your home.

The AC isn’t cooling your home.

There’s nothing more frustrating than turning on the AC and realizing that your home is not getting cooler. Regular air conditioning maintenance in Irvine, CA, could help ensure that this does not happen. Your air conditioning specialist will be able to troubleshoot issues or potential issues so that the AC is ready to go when you are. Get in touch with the OnTime Home Services team as soon as you realize that your home is not being cooled.

Your AC is making loud noises.

Reach out for help if you realize that your air conditioner is making loud noises. Loud noises are usually an indication that something is wrong with one of the parts inside of the machine like the compressor or the motor. You want to get a specialist out as soon as possible so that they can assess the issue and fix it before it becomes a major issue. If it does turn out that your AC is irrevocably broken, you want to work with the expert team that understands air conditioning replacement in Irvine, CA.

Reach out to OnTime Home Services so that we can help you with everything from repairs to air conditioning installation in Irvine, CA. Feel free to call us or fill out the form on this website to schedule your appointment.

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