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How Your AC Affects Indoor Air Quality


Air conditioning systems have a significant impact on indoor air quality. Whether its outdoor pollutants like dust and pollen that come in through windows and doors or indoor pollutants like dirt and pet dander, a properly maintained air conditioning system will reduce the amount of these pollutants that compromise indoor air quality. On Time Home Services offers air conditioning services in Hemet, CA that will keep your air conditioning system running optimally so that it is always helping to maintain safe and comfortable indoor air quality levels.

When your air conditioning system is not properly maintained, dirt and moisture can build up and contribute to allergy-inducing microbial growth. Dust and other contaminants can also collect inside your air conditioning system on the cooling coils and inside the ductwork. This may hinder the efficient operation of your cooling system. Air conditioning maintenance in Hemet, CA is just a phone call away. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

If your air conditioning system is not working, then the air pollutants in your home are not being filtered out as they typically would be. For cleaner, fresher air inside your home, be sure to contact our team for air conditioning repair in Hemet, CA.

If you are experiencing adverse health conditions like sneezing, eye irritation and headaches due to poor indoor air quality and you do not have air conditioning, installing an air conditioner may help improve your symptoms, because the filter inside an air conditioner removes most circulating air pollutants. We offer air conditioning installation in Hemet, CA.

We also offer air conditioning replacement in Hemet, CA if your air conditioning unit is broken or not functioning properly. A malfunctioning air conditioner is not as effective at removing contaminants from indoor air.

Get in touch with On Time Home Services today for an air conditioning assessment. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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