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5 Things to Do Before You Turn on Your AC This Year


The weather is warming up fast, and that means soon enough our AC units will be running. But before you blast cool air throughout your house, pause for a little bit of preventative maintenance.

The best time to catch any potential problems with your AC is in the spring. If your unit sputters to a halt during the peak of summer, you’ll be in for a few days of misery. Here are five things to do before you turn on your AC this year to ensure it’s in working order.

1. Update your thermostat.

Make sure your thermostat is reading the temperature and interacting with your HVAC system accurately by calibrating it. This process can be tricky, so you might want to call a trusted HVAC technician and ask for pointers or schedule an appointment.

If your thermostat is old school considers upgrading to a smart thermostat. You can program it according to your schedule, control it from your smartphone, and use it to help you save energy and money.

2. Change your air filter.

Make sure you change your air filter every 30 to 90 days year-round. If you have skipped your air filter replacement lately, no worries. Just be sure to put in a new one before you power up your AC.

3. Inspect your ductwork.

Notice any wear and tear on your exposed ductwork? Cracks and holes can cause inefficient cooling and waste your money. Check your ductwork over thoroughly each season before you turn on the cool air at full blast.

4. Inspect your unit.

Take a look at your outdoor AC unit. Do you notice any debris in or around it? Do the refrigerant lines look properly insulated? Is there any wear and tear on the electrical wiring? Make note of anything that doesn’t look right and notify an HVAC professional before you power your AC on.

5. Schedule professional maintenance.

Finally, once you have performed your own maintenance checks, call in the professionals at the start of the spring season. Professional AC maintenance, while the weather is mild, can prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs once the weather turns really hot this summer.

During an AC tune-up, a trained technician will clean and lubricate all of the interior parts of your system, calibrate your thermostat, inspect your ductwork, and make any necessary preventative repairs to your AC.

Do you have a list of things to do before you turn on your AC?

As the weather warms up this season, make sure to give your AC a little bit of TLC. Make sure you follow the most important tip on the list: professional AC maintenance.

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