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10 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer


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Summer is right around the corner, and here in Temecula, California, that means a massive heatwave is on its way. Sometimes the only way to get relief is to crank up your AC, but that can also get pretty expensive when it’s time to pay your utility bill at the end of the month.

At On Time Home Services, we will always be here for you if your AC system needs repair, replacement, or annual preventative maintenance. But we also love to find creative ways to beat the heat! Here are our top 10 summer solutions to help you stay cool.

1. Hydrate

This might seem like an obvious tip, but it is so often forgotten! Drink plenty of water throughout the day and your body won’t be as easily exhausted by the sweltering temps.

2. Fans Are Friends

To give your AC a break, use ceiling fans and box fans to help cold air circulate around your house. Fans consume a lot less energy than your HVAC system, so you will save yourself some money in the long run.

3. Cook Heatless

Get creative with fresh recipes that require little or no oven use. Pan fry something up quickly on the stove, or mix together a tasty pasta salad and chill it in the fridge.

4. Use a Chill Pillow

Did you know there are special “cooling pillows” designed to stay cold all throughout the night? Keeping a fan blowing a soft breeze in your bedroom while your head sinks into a cooling-pillow will help you stay cooler and sleep better during the hot California summer nights.

5. Feel the Breeze

When the temperature drops at night, open your windows and let the natural breeze cool the inside of your home.

6. Air Dry

Leave dishes on a drying rack instead of using the drying cycle on your dishwasher. If you’re really committed, you can also forgo your blow dryer as you comb your hair each morning – and hang clothes on a clothesline or on hangers to dry.

7. Freeze Some Fruit

Make an adult popsicle out of strawberries, blueberries, mangos, and more! Frozen fruit will make for a healthy snack, and it will taste extra great on a hot summer day.

8. Soothe with Aloe

Having Aloe Vera plants around the house can have numerous benefits! Not only is the gel that they produce a perfect soothing remedy for sunburns, but they also improve our indoor air quality by removing harmful toxins from your air.

9. Make a Splash

One of the more fun remedies to help you beat the heat is to go for a swim! If you don’t have a pool in your own yard, call a friend or neighbor, visit the nearest community pool, or surprise the kids with a day at the closest water park or beach.

10. Sprinkle with Fun

If you don’t have your own swimming pool or access to a community pool, you can still cool down while you play outside. Play in the sprinkler with your kids or your dog, or go the extra mile and get some water balloons or a classic Slip ‘n Slide.

We hope these 10 ideas will help you beat the heat and have a little fun too!

Need to schedule repair, replacement, or annual preventative maintenance on your AC system? On Time Home Services has a team of professional NATE certified HVAC technicians who are here to help! Give us a call at (949) 649-8777

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