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Three Signs You May Need Air Conditioner Repair Service


There is nothing quite as frustrating as having your air conditioner go out during the middle of a hot summer day. Like any mechanical unit, an air conditioner needs a little care in order to continue running smoothly. Even if you have taken the proper steps to care for your unit, you may find your air conditioner isn’t operating as effectively as it used to. Our trained experts at On Time Home Services Temecula can help you with all your air conditioner repair service needs.

Here are three signs that indicate you may need our help:

1. You Already Changed the Filter

One of the easiest ways to ensure your air conditioner unit continues to run efficiently is to regularly change the filter. If you are on top of performing this task once a month and find your AC unit is still having problems, you may need to have a professional air conditioner repair service performed.

2. You Suspect a Leak

Window air conditioner units are famous for having leaks and you may not be aware of how to check for one. It can be hard to detect the exact location of a leak on a central air unit as well. If you suspect a leak in your window or central air units, our trained professionals can assist you.

3. You Ensured the System is Clear of Obstructions

An air conditioner unit tends to work best when it has adequate space around the compressor and condenser. If you have cleared at least 24 inches of space around your unit and it continues to have problems, contact our Temecula AC repair experts for assistance.

In addition to these three areas mentioned above, there are many factors that influence the performance of your air conditioner unit. If you need air conditioner repair service performed, call On Time Home Services Temecula today at (949) 649-8777

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