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The Benefits of Regular Heater Maintenance


Whether you are a new homeowner or have owned your home for years, you likely understand what a big responsibility it is to maintain your own home. There are several tasks to be performed, such as mowing the lawn, painting and repairing. With all your responsibilities, you will learn or have probably already learned that there are some areas of your home where regular maintenance is beneficial to prevent larger issues down the road. Your heating system definitely falls under this category, as regular heater maintenance can help extend the life of your equipment. Fortunately, On Time Home Services Temecula offers Temecula HVAC service that will keep your heater running properly.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Many individuals fail to recognize the many benefits that come from consistent heater maintenance. Here are at least four benefits of scheduling regular maintenance with our company:

  • Priority service – we will return your service calls promptly and efficiently
  • Zero service fees – by scheduling regular maintenance, you can avoid service fees
  • Equipment savings – we partner with several brands and are able to pass along our savings to you
  • Discount on safety inspection and yearly maintenance

Services Included in Regular Maintenance

Below is just a sample of the heater maintenance services that are offered by our company:

  • Cleaning of the heat burners, exchanger, vent and pilot assembly in your gas furnace
  • Checking of all electrical parts in an electrical furnace
  • Cleaning indoor and outdoor coils, checking fuses and more for heat pumps

As you can see, regular heater maintenance is important for keeping your system running properly. Contact On Time Home Services Temecula today at (949) 649-8777 to find out more about our heating services.

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