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Why AC Tune-Ups Are Important


During the long, lazy days of summer in Temecula, you depend on your home’s air conditioning system to keep you comfortably cool. Unless properly maintained, however, an air conditioner can fail you when you most need it. It’s common for faulty systems to break down under the increased cooling demands of a hot summer season. But thankfully, the experts at On Time Home Services Heating and Air Conditioning of Temecula offer air conditioner inspections and tune-ups that ensure that your air conditioner keeps you cool all summer long.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency

Cooling systems are made up of complex pieces of equipment designed to work in perfect sync with others for energy-efficient operation. One malfunctioning component can cause the entire system to strain to deliver the expected degree of comfort. Even when the system doesn’t break down completely, unbalanced operation results in impaired efficiency and in skyrocketing monthly energy bills. A seasonal air conditioner tune-up ensures that your Temecula air conditioning systems run at peak efficiency, saving you money and making your home more comfortable too.

Health & Safety Concerns

Malfunctioning air conditioners present health hazards for you and your family as well. Cooling systems work by using a refrigerant to extract heat from the air. Because cool air holds less moisture than hot air, water vapor is also pulled from the air during the process. The system is designed to drain the collected condensate through a tube to the outside of your home.

Faulty air conditioner operation not only impairs the system’s ability to dehumidify the air but can lead to condensate and refrigerant leaks as well. Refrigerant leaks are potentially hazardous to the atmosphere, and condensate leaks can lead to a buildup of mold, mildew, and bacteria that can make it difficult to breathe. Dampness can also cause decay and rot in the structure of your home.

Protect Your Family & Home

At On Time Home Services Heating and Air Conditioning of Temecula, we provide regular AC maintenance that makes cooling systems work better, last longer, and require fewer repairs. Tune-ups help balance the humidity levels in your home as well, helping you stay cool and dry in hot Temecula summers. To schedule an AC inspection and tune-up, call us today at (949) 649-8777

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