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Saving Energy and Money by Programming Your Thermostat


Saving energy in the summer can be easier than most think. There are a lot of up-front costs to conserving energy in your home such as installing energy rated windows, more efficient air systems, duct cleaning, adding radiant barrier, and more. However, you can take simples steps to gain significant savings on your utility bill by simply programming your thermostat for more efficient use throughout the day. The air conditioning experts at On Time Home Services Heating and Air Conditioning of Temecula can offer some simple tips and are always available to help service your AC unit in-home.

Schedule Your Thermostat

Programmable thermostats allow for scheduling during the day and week. A 7-day schedule is usually available and some thermostats offer a 5 day and 2-day schedule to run for weekly and weekend activities. Thermostats generally have a waking, daytime, evening, and sleep schedule where you can set the temperature in your home to reflect your presence in the home. If you are present during certain hours, most likely you will want the thermostat to run a schedule with cooler temperatures. When you are away, you should set the thermostat to a higher temperature so the home is not constantly being cooled. The air conditioning experts at On Time Home Services can help you schedule your thermostat to save you money throughout the summer.

Recommended Temperatures

When you are away from your home, it is generally recommended that you set your thermostat temperature at least 7 degrees higher than you would set it when you are comfortably living in your home. The sleep temperature will vary by family, but anywhere from 2-4 degrees higher than comfortable living is recommended for the middle of the night. The outside temperature, being cooler at night, will compensate for the temperature inside.

If you do not own a programmable thermostat, call On Time Home Services Heating and Air Conditioning of Temecula and one of our experts can install a new thermostat in your home. For all your air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance needs, the experts at On Time Home Services are here to help at (949) 649-8777