Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

When was the last time your HVAC system was serviced? Many homeowners invest in these systems but forget about preventative maintenance. They only think about their HVAC unit when it breaks down, leaving them in an extreme indoor environment. You don’t need to learn the hard way. 

Create a maintenance schedule with an HVAC contractor in Temecula, CA, from OnTime Home Services at least once a year. There are numerous reasons to stay on top of your maintenance tasks.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

A well-serviced HVAC unit will significantly improve the quality of your indoor air. Develop a maintenance plan that includes regular inspections. When you have professional HVAC maintenance in Temecula, CA, look for OnTime Home Services. During routine inspections, our HVAC technicians will calibrate your system’s control components to make sure your system is running correctly at all times.

Reduction in Electricity Bills

HVAC systems lose their efficiency over time. Regular maintenance of the HVAC system will improve its efficiency. This will, in turn, reflect in your electricity bills because the HVAC unit will be working optimally. It will not have to work extra hard to keep your family comfortable.

It Saves Your Money

Preventative maintenance of your HVAC system in Temecula, CA, will help in preventing costly breakdowns, and it will also extend the life of your HVAC system. Regular HVAC servicing can extend the life of your HVAC system by up to 40 percent.

Covered Under Warranty

Maintaining your HVAC system can save you repair costs. Some HVAC manufacturers will ask for proof of annual servicing when you submit a claim under warranty. That’s why you should entrust all your HVAC repair in Temecula, CA, to OnTime Home Services. 

In addition, our licensed and certified company should also do HVAC installation in Temecula, CA. Many HVAC manufacturers will not honor warranties for installations completed by unlicensed companies.

Contact OnTime Home Services right away whenever you need quality services for your home’s heating or cooling system.