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8 Warm and Fuzzy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Do you have a Valentine’s Day gift picked out yet? Don’t wait until the last minute!

Our team at On Time Home Services doesn’t just know how to keep your home cozy and warm. We believe in warming hearts too! Here are eight warm and fuzzy Valentine’s Day gift ideas from our team.

1. Personalized Throw Blanket

This gift is warm in a literal and figurative sense! Show your thoughtful side by customizing a personalized throw blanket with special quotes or song lyrics. You can also get favorite photographs printed on a blanket so that your loved one can literally wrap himself/herself in warm memories.

2. Cuddly Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animals might seem like Valentine’s Day cliché, but you’ve got to admit it’s a cute one. Instead of grabbing the first Teddy Bear you see, hunt for your love’s favorite animal! It will be an extra thoughtful bonus that goes great with traditional flowers or chocolate.

3. Home-Cooked Food

Warm your Valentine’s heart and stomach! Cook your love’s favorite meal as a surprise on Valentine’s Day. This is both a thoughtful gesture and a great way to save a little money instead of going out for a fancy dinner.

4. Funny Socks

Keep your Valentine’s toes cozy with some fun socks! You can find socks covered in pizza, dinosaurs, Star Wars characters, coffee mugs, Bob Ross’s face, your own face, or literally anything else you can imagine.

5. “52 Reasons I Love You” On Playing Cards

This super thoughtful gift is perfect for anyone who loves DIY projects. All you really need is a deck of playing cards and a sharpie, but you can also use a hole punch, binder rings, and any decorative stickers or ribbon you want.

Flip each playing card over and write one reason why you love your Valentine on the back. After you’re finished, you can slip them back inside the box or hole punch them and make a little book. This video and this blog both have great tutorials.

6. Personalized Constellation Map

Give your love a piece of the night sky. You can custom order a print with a constellation map for any specific date or location. Print the night sky from your first kiss, your wedding anniversary, or any meaningful moment you choose.

7. Locket of Love

Give your Valentine a tangible way to carry your love around 24-7. Find a locket that reflects your Valentine’s style and add a tiny picture of the two of you inside.

8. Scrapbook of Memories

This is another DIY project that is sure to warm your Valentine’s heart. Grab a photo album and some craft paper at the store. Print off some favorite photos directly from your phone or Instagram at Walgreens. Assemble your memories and watch your lover’s face light up.

What are your warm and fuzzy Valentine’s Day gift ideas?

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