When Is AC Repair Considered an Emergency?

As a homeowner who uses your AC regularly, you expect that, at some point and time, air conditioner repair will be required, despite ongoing air conditioner maintenance. However, when the unit breaks down without warning, it presents challenges. When this happens, you need the quick and urgent response of On Time Home Services Heating & Air Conditioning of Temecula. Our 24-hour emergency air conditioner repair service will have your unit up and running in no time.

Routine Repairs

Regularly-scheduled air conditioner maintenance is recommended because it helps to ensure better indoor air quality. This is important to a comfortable atmosphere. It also promotes good health because an efficiently running unit can better eliminate particles and allergens in the air—for example, bacteria, mold, dust, and dirt.

With a complete, scheduled air conditioner inspection by our Temecula air conditioner company technicians, they can better assess and evaluate the status of your unit. This service guard against unexpected air conditioner repairs, which can be very costly and frustrating at times.

Routine servicing of your unit involves a thorough air conditioner inspection. The process includes:

  • Checking the compressor
  • Checking the condenser
  • Changing the air filter
  • Vacuuming out the air ducts
  • Examining the thermostat
  • Checking and lubricating the fan blades and belt

Emergency Repairs

Unlike a timely air conditioner inspection and air conditioner maintenance, when your unit breaks down unexpectedly, it could be very frustrating. The breakdown usually creates an inconvenience because the indoor air becomes hot, humid, and unbearable. Furthermore, the emergency air conditioner repair may be required at an inopportune time, such as late at night or during the hottest days of the year. At whatever time it happens, the problem should be fixed right away. Otherwise, the poor indoor air quality could become a health hazard, not to mention the discomfort of the heat.

An emergency air conditioner repair by our Temecula air conditioner company addresses your need at the time. It may involve:

  • Tune-ups
  • Parts replacement
  • New purchase and installation

Since it is not a normal air conditioner repair, at our Temecula air conditioner company, we understand the urgency of the matter. That is why we offer round-the-clock service for your comfort and convenience. When you call us at (949) 649-8777, our experienced technicians will respond without delay.