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When Is AC Repair Considered an Emergency?

Air Conditioner

As a homeowner who uses your AC regularly, you expect that air conditioner repair will be required at some point despite ongoing air conditioner maintenance. If your air conditioner is acting a little off, you have some wiggle room between when you first notice something amiss and when you actually get around to making a service appointment. However, when your AC suddenly and completely breaks down without any warning at an odd hour, you have a choice to make: do you call a 24-hour AC repair company for emergency service, or do you just wait a day or two for a non-emergency service call?

When is a Broken Air Conditioner an Emergency?

Not all air conditioning problems are emergencies, but how can you tell? In general, trust your best judgment. Is the loss of your air conditioning threatening to your health, or will it result in extreme discomfort to go without cooling for very long?

A broken air conditioner may be considered an emergency in any of the following situations:

  • Your AC has broken down on an extremely hot day (above 90 degrees)
  • You have young children, elderly adults, or immune-compromised people in your home that may be sensitive to excessive heat
  • Your AC is leaking and causing water damage to your home
  • Your AC is experiencing electrical issues (i.e. constantly tripping your breaker, dimming the lights when it turns on, or creating a burning electrical smell)

The following are examples of non-emergency situations:

  • The weather/humidity level outside is temperate and you can still be reasonably comfortable with just the windows open
  • Your air conditioner is costing you more money than usual and you want to explore energy efficiency options
  • Your AC filter is dirty and needs to be changed

How AC Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Emergencies

Regularly-scheduled air conditioner maintenance is recommended for many reasons. For one, it helps to ensure better indoor air quality, which is a critical part of maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. It also promotes good health because an efficiently running unit can better eliminate particles and allergens in the air—for example, bacteria, mold, dust, and dirt.

With a complete, scheduled air conditioner inspection by our Lake Elsinore air conditioner company, they can better assess and evaluate the status of your unit. This service guards against unexpected air conditioner repairs, which can be very costly and frustrating.

Routine servicing of your unit involves a thorough air conditioner inspection, which includes:

  • Checking the compressor
  • Checking the condenser
  • Changing the air filter
  • Vacuuming out the air ducts
  • Examining the thermostat
  • Checking and lubricating the fan blades and belt

On Time Home Services offers around-the-clock service for your comfort and convenience. When you call us at (949) 649-8777, our experienced technicians will respond without delay.

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