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Improve Indoor Air Quality and Breathe Easily


While sitting in traffic and breathing fumes, it is natural to think about air pollution, but what about in your home? Many sources of air pollution can make your indoor air quality just as toxic as the smog-filled air outside. You can reduce or eliminate some pollutants by making a few changes in your home. Other pollutants require professional services. On Time Home Services Temecula has qualified service technicians to provide indoor air solutions for your home.

Home Remedies

  • Vacuuming floors, walls, and blinds two to three times a week using a vacuum with a HEPA filter helps to improve indoor air quality. The dirt and chemicals tracked in on shoes can build up quickly, filling the air with pollutants.
  • Keeping humidity at healthy levels with a dehumidifier or air conditioner reduces the levels of dust mites and mold. 30%-50% humidity helps to keep the dust mites and mold under control.
  • Avoiding synthetic fragrances in air fresheners and detergents improve air quality. Most synthetic fragrances are petroleum-based and could be harmful to respiratory systems. Instead, use natural products such as lemons and baking soda to fight odors, and put houseplants in each room for naturally purified air.

Professional Solutions

Having your ventilation and air intake sources inspected by Temecula air quality service technicians is an important part of establishing healthy indoor air quality. On Time Home Services Temecula can establish your home’s best level of ventilation, check for dangerous air pollutants like radon, asbestos, or carbon monoxide, and add an air filtration system to eliminate allergens, if necessary. Contact us today at (949) 649-8777 and breathe easier knowing that, in your home at least, your air is safe.

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