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How Important Is Furnace Service?


Face it; there are things in your home that you may not think about very often. Many of these types of things only merit a thought when they are not working correctly. Sadly a furnace is often ignored, leaving homeowners without heat when they need it most. On Time Home Services Temecula is available to help with furnace service 24 hours a day. In addition, they recommend the following tips for upkeep on any furnace.


In order to ensure that your furnace is running at its peak efficiency, it is important to change the filters three or four times a year. This task is easy enough for a homeowner to complete in just a few minutes and can save money on your heating bill.


Once a year, it is important to hire a Temecula heater repair professional to come and take a look at your furnace. This furnace service can help find possible problems before they cause permanent damage. A trained professional knows to check for cracks in the combustion chamber which cannot be seen with the naked eye and may allow carbon monoxide into your home.

Be Aware

Being aware of your furnace can help to ensure that you know when to call for furnace service. If you notice flakes of rust, strange noises, or a flame that is burning yellow instead of blue, your furnace needs to be repaired quickly. Being aware of the smell of your furnace may also help to circumvent future problems. A dusty smell can remind you that it is time to change the filters while the smell of gas means you should call your utility company immediately. Contact usOn Time Home Services Temecula, at (949) 649-8777  any time, day or night, for on time professional service.

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