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The Benefits of Installing Programmable Thermostats


For our clients who are currently using manual thermostats, we would like to invite you to learn the many benefits of installing programmable thermostats in your home or business. At On Time Home Services Temecula we want our customers to stay informed about the latest heating technologies available on the market that can help keep them comfortable and living their best. The mission of our Temecula heating company is to offer a range of professional and honest heating services that deliver the carefree and comfortable lifestyle you deserve. We believe the following benefits of installing a programmable thermostat may improve your daily quality of living.

Lower Monthly Utility Bills

These new automated thermostats can also be programmed to automatically shut off when they are not needed. Many users program their thermostat to shut off at night or during the hours they are away from home during the day. This means that installing programmable thermostats may help you lower your monthly utility bill.

Hands-Free Comfort

With a programmable thermostat, the automated temperature gauge controls airflow on its own. This means air turns on and off as needed rather than giving a constant flow of hot or cold. With the automatic temperature gauge, you are less likely to have excessive hot or cold temperatures blasting from your HVAC unit.

Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling

Unlike manual thermostats, the new programmable ones can provide a more energy-efficient solution to heating and cooling. The programmable settings allow you to use your heater or AC only when they are necessary, rather than constantly through the day and night.

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